Embedded Engineering

Outsmart the Adversary.

Want ISIS decimated? Want the upper hand on our foreign adversaries? Want world peace? How cool would it be to say, “I helped develop the software which thwarted the terrorist events which would have killed thousands of people”.

The world operates in an ever-changing cyber domain with increasing variety, volume, and velocity of data. Determined adversaries operate there too, using network technologies and devices as a vector for stealing our national treasure and potentially destroying our very way of life. At PROTEUS Embedded Engineering starts with a strong offense and recognizing that ‘knowledge is power’ as we work to understand specific characteristics of emerging cyber threats and the security solutions and measures needed to defeat them. We provide advanced capabilities to monitor and defend critical networks, infrastructure, and computing assets from illicit attacks.

Be part of a specialized group of software and hardware engineers designing and developing cryptanalytic solutions that expose our adversaries’ weaknesses and allow our customers to enable and detect threat in real-time. Come operate on the forefront of cyber attack with our innovative targeted solutions that defend our nation and provide advanced monitoring and offensive cyber capabilities. Work with the latest technologies in Mobile, Cloud, Infrastructure, Network, Big Data, and Application Development and put them to use in addressing strategic intelligence across regional and functional issues. Be part of a team dedicated to creating peace by Outsmarting the adversary.

Do cool work that matters, and apply the latest enabling technologies…

Java, Java Messaging Service (JMS), Java Management eXtensions (JMX), Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP), Spring framework, Google Widget Toolkit, java based Complex Event Processing engine (CEP) ESPER, and Snort Intrusion Dection System (IDS) Platform

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