Cyber Solutions

Become a Cyber Warrior.

We zig causing them to zag. We zag when they think we’re zigging. We disrupt their attempts to infiltrate and steal our secrets. We are steps ahead of the next malware attack or botnet attack embedded and controlled from within a simple webpage javascript() function. At PROTEUS, we innovate the software systems which detect and thwart cyber threats to inform and enable national security decision making and threat operations.

SOFTWARE: Be part of the team to defeat adversary threats while working on cool technologies that help defending our Nation’s resources and most guarded secrets. If hacking is your thing – join our ethical hacking team and protect the Internet of things (IOT). Some of our most wicked capabilities are being built using rapid-prototyping and full system development processes with the latest technologies such as: Storm, IBM InfoStreams, Esper and big data analytic capabilities – yup – got you covered there too. We don’t just innovate using boring UI frameworks, like javascript and Spring, but we prefer the latest, like AngularJS, NodeJS, Java8, Pig, Python, and many other enabling technologies.

Whatever your flavor of cool is -- we have that type of important work waiting for you. Botnets, phishing, mobile ransomware, Heartbleed and Shellshock, malware targeting various platforms like OSX, Redhat, Ubantu, SUSE, or other platforms. Define your version of cool….Come talk with us - PROTEUS is the right place for you!!!

SYSTEMS: Is Software development not for you, but you enjoy the network engineering side of security or architecting and productizing new cyber initiatives? We can help you advance your career on that front as well. Come work with and train with some of the greatest minds on the planet. Those who are fighting to protect our homeland and commercial markets.

Operate at the forefront of cyber defense, attack, and computer network operations missions; enable real time decision making through analytic solutions and intuitive visualization…

Come be... A Cyber Warrior!

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